Saturday, May 07, 2005

up late

i had an art opening that was essentially solo. i knew none of the artists, nor the owner of the space. i barely know the woman who set up the space for me. i had very little idea what to expect. i found out about it two weeks before it happened but i still waited too long to start anything new, partly i think from nerves about showing anything i still like. but that's another problem for another post. it turned out fairly lackluster. i met some really interesting peeps. one person might have been interested in my work. but maybe he was just stoned and thought i was cute. he seemed really personable though. and he was cute.
really excellent sneaks.
anyway, i'm supposed to go eat lunch with the woman who set it up for me. a new friend prospect. a new grown-up friend. somehow it feels strange to make friends with people a little older than me who aren't professors. i can't completely dispel the notion that someone's being fooled. either me, in believing that they buy my grown-up-ness, or them for believing the grown-up me.
i made some new books last night, the latest result of the current art wet season. the box is drying now. the second step in the long walk to a grad school portfolio.
i think my mom's taking in her sleep.
or maybe she's awake and she told my dad to stop snoring.
the dog's snoring.
it's almost too quiet to type.
i also had an idea for a substitute for a color theory demonstration.
i love making books.
and xiu xiu.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

so here it is again...

i'm reaching forth into an intangible space to communicate with those i've yet to meet, not fully comprehending mechanics, a little zapped on yeungling, feeling terribly inept in cyber space.
should i buckle down and learn html? most probably. will it ruin the mystery? only insofar as i will be able to wield another weapon of communication. so why haven't i done this yet? i guess i was simply too near sighted up to this point. this will be my place to learn it. and to put some work out there for critique. as soon as i figure out how to post the work.
i'm having a long way to go so far.